How does your Remote Design process work?

Our proprietary software “Sprig” is used by you and your dedicated designer to collaborate throughout your entire project. We start with sophisticated aerial imagery of your property along with photos and measurements you provide to create an accurate base plan. Design plans and concept boards are viewed through Sprig and are reviewed by you and your designer on Zoom. Any furniture, lighting, accessories or containers included on your plan can be purchased directly through Sprig and shipped to your property.

What projects are a good fit for a Remote Design?

This approach works best for properties up to an acre in size without any Conservation or Historic constraints. The possible design scope is quite broad but does exclude “luxury landscape features” like pools, built in spas, built in kitchens or sport courts.

Where do you offer Remote Design Services?

For any project sites in Eastern Massachusetts, to the South Coast and Cape Cod. We will be expanding this area next year so stay tuned and check out our service map for details!

Do you provide project budgets or project management for Remote Designs?

No to both. You will receive a set of plans, concept boards and a plant list that you can share with your contractor for pricing and installation. You and your contractor would provide any project management needed.

How does your Custom - In Person Design service differ?

Our Custom projects also use our proprietary software Sprig. For these projects, though, your designer will visit your site (typically several times), will do an in-depth site analysis and can work with other designers you may have on your project team (such as architects or interior designers). The possible scope of design is broader and can include “luxury landscape features” as noted above. We can also work on projects with Conservation or Historic research and documentation requirements.

Where do you offer Custom - In Person Design services?

For projects within an hour of our office, please see our service map for details.

Do you provide Project Management Services?

We do, for Custom - In Person designs only. For those projects we can help you connect with the right contractor for your project, we can view and source material, tag and lay out plants, and meet with your construction team on site. We do not provide project budgets, we rely on contractors for that service.

How do I know what process is right for me?

We can start with a complimentary phone consultation. In this 15-20 minute call we learn more about your project and can more fully describe our service offerings to see what fits best!

I already have an architect and builder I’m working with, will you work with them?

Yes, for Custom - In Person projects we are happy to work with your existing team. If you have this type of team in place your project is likely too complex for a Remote Design.

How long does it take to create a design?

Most Remote Designs take 3-6 weeks and most Custom Designs take 3-6 months.

What should I expect to spend on my landscape installation?

A good rule of thumb is to budget between 5-15% of the value of your home for your landscape installation. Where you land in that range varies, of course, on the size of your property and the scope of your project.

Do I need to have a property survey done to start a design project?

A property survey is needed if you are adding structure to your property (a garage, deck, shed, addition), if you are building a pool or built-in spa, or if you are near (within 200 feet of) a wetland area. A survey is helpful if your property boundary is unclear or disputed or if you have complex site topography. If we feel a survey is necessary we can recommend companies to complete this step.

Do you construct the designed project?

We are not a construction company. We do have a network of trusted contractors that we can recommend for your project, but we find projects are more successful when you are at choice with your installation team. This allows you to choose based on pricing, reference and fit.

Do you have a particular aesthetic?

Yes, our aesthetic is a classic New England style and material palette. We love working with native plants and materials whenever possible. We have trade relationships with a variety of outdoor furniture, lighting and accessory companies so we can offer the products specified in your design at a great price.