Watertown Master Plan

The owner of this Tudor style home in Watertown wanted to improve the home’s curb appeal with a colorful and textural planting plan.  The owner also wanted to create useable lounge space in the steeply sloping back yard.

The new design includes layered plantings along the front foundation and front walkway with a palette of white, purple and soft yellow to compliment the brick facade.  A stepping stone pathway leads to the back yard where a millstone fountain creates a peaceful focal point from the dining room.  In the back yard two long, curved, fieldstone retaining walls create a level lawn terrace that can be used for play or lounging.  Sweeps of evergreen shrubs, ornamental grasses and perennials provide privacy, color and seasonal interest.

Landscape Installation by Lourival Masonry and Dragonfly Garden Services
Photography by Rosemary Fletcher