Brookline Residence

The owners of this home in Brookline wanted to renovate their landscape to better fit the varied needs of their multigenerational family.  The family wanted to take advantage of their small but sunny front yard as a place to be able to sit outside with a cup of coffee and relax, read or even work.  They wanted a low maintenance landscape that fit their modern aesthetic and busy schedules, and a vegetable garden for the owner’s mother to tend.

The new landscape includes large bluestone planters that provide privacy from the street, and enclose a small patio where the couple can relax.  The planters double as seat walls to provide additional outdoor seating.  The linear bluestone banding offers the modern look the family was after.  On the side yard, three raised cedar beds provide ample space for a productive vegetable garden.  Trellises screen the neighbors driveway and help provide a sense of seclusion to this front yard garden.

Landscape Installation by S+H Construction
Photography by Rosemary Fletcher