Wellesley Master Plan

The owners of this property in Wellesley contacted me while their new home was still under construction. They wanted to create a landscape that helped the house look connected to the property. They also wanted to create a private backyard, one with useable space for dining and entertaining. And though the house itself is formal, they impressed upon me their informality and their interest in a more natural landscape, with curved lines and woodland plants.

The design plan included a new front walkway, foundation plantings that incorporate a mix of textures and colors and a large island bed that created privacy from the street. At the side of the house, a bluestone landing provided a graceful entrance to the more commonly used side door. In the backyard, mature evergreen trees were thickly planted along the property line to create a private sapce. Distinct bluestone patios, one connected to the living room, and the other connected to the kitchen, establish a beautiful connection between their indoor living space and the landscape.

Landscape Installation by A. Bonadio & Sons
Photography by Rosemary Fletcher